Automated log measurement

LoadMon is a professional, easy to use automated log measurement system. It allows you to measure the width, length and height for any log batch. This way you have a good understanding of the log batch and you can also identify things like the average diameter. In addition, you can identify errors and cavities too. Plus, you get to do all of it automatically and without the need of any human assistance, which is very important.

You can use LoadMon for automated measurement of wood logs in no time. As long as the material is loaded in open containers, you can do that very fast. You can also use LoadMon to measure the trailer capacity that has not been filled yet. If there are height differences, these are shown with different colors for your own convenience. 


Key features

  • Very accurate and reliable
  • See load height distribution
  • Professional load segmentation
  • Immediate volume alerts
  • Complete 3D view for the truck
  • View the load from top, right or left
  • Automatic overspeeding alerts
  • License plate recognition

Where to use

LoadMon is very useful if you want to automatically measure all kinds of wood, but it also works with biomass and ore. As long as you have your material in a container, you can use the app. It’s very good for the biomass, forestry, mining or construction industries.


On-site application

You can use LoadMon to analyze the 3D model of the truck, you can also detect the license plate too. The software makes it easy to see the 3D image in just a few seconds once the truck goes through sensors. The software is remotely operated if necessary.

LoadMon on-site application interface

Web portal

The dedicated web app gives you immediate access to the profess and results. You have dedicated modules for logistics companies’ managers and operators. You can easily see the measurement of logs, not to mention the capability for checking the efficiency and reports too. You can integrate the portal with ERP systems and client solutions. 3D view is a great solution in this regard.

LoadMon web portal - truck with logs

How it works

The scanning and measuring process can be carried out automatically or with human intervention and consists of the several steps:
  1. The app will detect the truck and then it will show contract, load, vendor, waybill and the license plate. This is where you can start the scanning process.
  2. Now LoadMon uses millions of different points to create the 3D model for the truck.
  3. Once the data is acquired, it will create the model and that can take 15-20 seconds once the scan is complete. At this point you can also start scanning of another truck.
  4. Now LoadMon is ready to measure the log packs, check dimensions, volume and identify any potential errors.
  5. The web app will show results and you can see scans that have the top and side images of the truck and a 3D model of the truck. The user can share comments, see the waybill information and generate reports if needed.

Get in touch with us

If you are interested in the LoadMon features, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us today. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with the help and support that you might need.