LoadMon is an innovative log measurement solution. It can measure the height, width, and length of a batch of logs to get accurate information about the load. In addition to displacement measurements, an average diameter is calculated. Also, large cavities and errors in loading quality are detected. All of the above is done without a human intervention.

The solution can also measure bulk wood, biomass, ore or any material loaded into open containers. LoadMon will measure the missing trailer capacity. The result will include an image of the upper view, which displays differences in height; different heights are displayed in different colors.

Key aspects

  • Results - Full 3D scan of the truck with calculated volume, ratio, and load distribution
  • Precision - High-quality lasers, more than 70 000 000 points per scan
  • Systematic - Objective measurements, independent of operators or human factors
  • Real-time - Results in under 2 minutes per measurement.
  • Reliability–  Measuring success rate of 99+%
  • Reports - Flexible reporting tools and statistics
  • Integration - Easy integration with different third-party systems (ERPs, logistics, analytics etc)


  • Accurate volume measurements 
  • Distribution of load heights
  • Load segmentation (load distribution per section)
  • Volume alerts (over/under/mismatch)
  • Overspeeding alerts
  • License plate number recognition
  • Left, Right, Top views of the load
  • Full 3D view of the truck