Automated measurement of wood logs

LoadMon offers advanced log measurement solutions and can measure the main characteristics of the load, including its width, length, height, load distribution, displacement, quality and volume. Based on these measurements, LoadMon will acquire precise data about the load. We will also detect load anomalies and provide you accurate information about the diameter of a batch of logs. All the measurements mentioned above are carried out automatically and require no human participation.

Our solution works with different materials, including logs, wood, biomass, bulk wood, ore and other substances, which are transported in open-top containers. We will accurately measure the load, calculate the volume or missing capacity and visualize the results.


Key benefits 

  • Precise calculations of the load
  • Load distribution
  • Load alerts
  • Vehicle number plate recognition
  • Views of the load from the left, right, and top side
  • Three-dimensional scan of the vehicle


LoadMon can measure wood logs, round timber trunks, sawdust, ore, biomass, bulk wood, and other material loaded into open-top containers. Our services can be applied in a wide range of industries, including mining, construction, agriculture and forestry. 


On-site application

The main application controls every aspect of the scanning and measuring process, including the sensors that capture a 3D scan of a truck, traffic lights, vehicle license plate recognition service and barriers. The program is very simple in use and allows operators to review the results and control the scanning procedure.


Web portal

Web portal can be used by administrators, operators, and logistics companies – all of them are able to observe and analyze the data collected, generate reports, make comments, and get acquainted with explicit data about vehicles, load, as well as their quality and potential.  Our software may be connected and integrated with other services and systems. 


How it works

The scanning and measuring process can be carried out automatically or with human intervention and consists of the several steps:
  1. Vehicle detection - plate recognition service will detect the vehicle and display information about the vehicle, load and waybill.
  2. Scanning - sensors will collect millions of points to build a full 3D model of the truck. 
  3. Analyze - the program will analyze the model of truck and extract the main characteristics of the load, including its width, length, height, load distribution and displacement, quality and volume
  4. Results & auditing - web application offers a comfortable way to view results, generate reports and can be easily intergrated with other solutions and systems. Every result is also supplied with side images and 3D model of the truck.

Contact us

In case you want to find out more about our solutions, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to answer your questions and offer any other information about our services.